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A unique practice that combines the three elements to bring the body and mind to peace and happiness -

Meditation, Yin & Ashtanga Yoga

HP Yoga

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Ashtanga Yoga

Dynamic physical practice, based on a sequence of postures and movements. The synchronization between the movement and the breath allows us to be present and reach relaxation

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Practice of staying long in yoga positions, the long time in each position allows for deep relaxation and throughout the class the body gradually opens up. Meditative relaxation practice to flex the mind and body

Yin Yoga

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Vinyasa Yoga

A class that combines movement in different directions and rhythms. The class is connected to the breathing rate and is carried out in a flow, the transitions between the positions can be fast or slow

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Mindfulness meditation trains the brain to meet the present, in which we will stop reacting in the same familiar ways, and in their place we will make room for a positive and non-judgmental encounter with what is happening in this moment

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A unique physical training that harmoniously combines the strengthening and lengthening of all muscle groups in the body and the skeleton, and the development of awareness, concentration, control and precision

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