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About Us


We believe in the holistic experience, and in the strong symbiotic relationship between the Mind & Body

The Happiness Practice is done through Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, courses and workshops

Reut Reuveni Pizen

Reut established IKIGAI Wellbeing Studio After a journey that led her to practice and teach yoga and meditation

"from a world view- "When the mind wants, the body can


She is an entrepreneur who likes to integrate the world of spirit and sport and its terminology in her life, a marathon runner and

.formerly a marketing communication manager of Nike in Israel

The vision of IKIGAI, Is to bring Peace and Happiness to all people, in the endless race  of life, through mind and body training




Japanese Concept

Find your IKIGAI , the meaning to your life, the desire to continue being active and live a long and happy life 

? So what is the thing you get up in the morning for

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